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The next few months promise to be exciting times in the world of comic books, with a number of new titles released alongside plenty of returning heroes and movie and game tie-ins from both the major publishers and the smaller indies.  Here, we take a quick look at some of the more intriguing titles coming soon.
Tying in to the forthcoming blockbuster video game release that is Batman: Arkham Knight, DC Comics have announced that a digital-first series will be coming in February 2015. The game acts as the concluding chapter to the highly acclaimed franchise and sees the introduction of an all-new character designed specifically for an all-new narrative, with this comic series playing the part of prequel. Story details are still firmly under wraps but the book finds Batman recovering from the shattering events of Arkham City and questioning his role as Gotham’s protector. However, the appearance of the mysterious Arkham Knight brings everything into a new light and it’s not long before Batman is back out on the streets.
The comic is being written by Peter J. Tomasi, who has an extensive lineup of credits as both editor and writer, including books featuring the Justice League, Batman and Robin and Green Lantern while art duties are being handled by Viktor Bogdanovic and Art Thibert. The print edition will feature two covers, one featuring art from the game and will go on sale 11 March 2015.
The writer behind one of Spiderman’s most controversial storylines ever returns to the series in March for another instalment in the web-slinging superhero’s tumultuous timeline. Gerry Conway co-created the classic villains of Tombstone and Hammerhead and also tugged readers’ heartstrings with the emotional death of Gwen Stacy and his comeback to the universe of the Amazing Spiderman promises to live up to his lofty reputation.
The five-part story, entitled Spiral, sees Spidey flipping between the down and dirty grit of New York City and the inter-dimensional world that is the Spider-Verse. Spiral features the relative newcomer character that is police captain Yuri Watanabe, who also happens to moonlight as vigilante Wraith, and sends this honorable and heroic individual down a dark path that sees her facing the central dilemma to her dual life. Spiderman too doesn’t miss out on the self-analysis and starts to look at the justice system and his role within it in a whole new light but if this is starting to sound a bit too serious, then don’t panic. The whole thing plays out against a backdrop of gang war, with several groups vying for control of New York after Kingpin’s unceremonious kicking out and when you throw in both Hammerhead and Tombstone, Spiral promises to be as action-packed and thought provoking as fans could hope for.
In a slightly bizarre move, the video game series from Telltale Games, The Wolf Among Us, is getting a comic book interpretation, despite having actually originated as a comic book in the first place.
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