Using Bliotherapy to Increase Your Libido

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Erotic literature has existed since man first learned how to convey his thoughts through drawing or writing. One of the most well-known erotic poets was Ovid, who was known for his works that extend through meeting his mistress for the first time, through their tempestuous relationship, and after he broke up with her. Ovid spared no detail in rating of his lady’s charms. In the 1800s and early 1900s, erotic literature was considered only slightly questionable for a gentleman to own, although women who possessed these books were seen as scandalous. Nonetheless, these works managed to be in many a lady’s locked dresser or desk, and are often mentioned in literature of the time.
If you are trying to increase your sex drive, you have probably been reading a lot of articles that suggest that you role play, use sex toys, or play games in the bedroom, or even out of it! If you are like many women in America, you are simply too tired or embarrassed to even contemplate going out to shop for a few new items at a sex store. Since studies have shown that women are naturally aroused by the brain more than any other organ, you may want to try an approach called bibliotherapy.
Bibliotherapy involves the promotion of sexual behavior through reading. Studies have shown that ready access to books with arousing associations and images can cause a woman to experience spontaneous arousal and desire. One book, titled “The Tired Women’s Guide To Passionate Sex” (Mintz, 2009), was shown to conclusively increase the sexual desire and performance of women who took part in bibliotherapy.
Erotic literature will basically build a database of sexual pleasure in your mind that you can refer back to when you want to get yourself in the mood. If you are turned on by a particular passage, focus on that paragraph and why you find it stimulating. This can lead to increased sexual arousal.
Bibliotherapy also includes some physiological benefits, as your brain will release dopamine and testosterone, which function as pro-sex chemicals. The increase in these hormone levels can jumpstart your sex drive.
Bibliotherapy works best for women because it works with their internal emotions and thoughts. Although men may think more spontaneously and frequently about sex, their sexual thoughts are usually processed through the visual centers. When they see something that is erotic, they can become aroused. Since women are not usually as visually stimulated, they need more emotional memory and feelings that are related to sexual thoughts.
Reading a sex scene can also feel safe for women because the book has boundaries and is familiar. When you want to read a scene, you simply pick the book up and read, and then close the book whenever you want to. Reading books feels like an acceptable norm to build desire. Since people are writing about sex, and the books are published, and bookstores stock the books, it feels okay to enjoy them.
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