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You’re home with some friends on a Saturday night thinking about taking in a good comedy movie. Going through the titles of some of them, however, leave a lot to be desired. The last few so-called comedies that you have seen just didn’t fit the bill and you’re left wondering…”Where has all the comedy gone?” You used to enjoy so many laughs in the old days, but lately, it seems all you do is stare at the screen and barely come up with even a giggle, let alone laugh at some of the so- called “jokes” told in comedies.
The Disappearance of Good Comedy. What’s up with that anyway? Is it true that all the good comedies have disappeared? Or is it possible that our sense of humor has changed or has what we know as “comedy” changed throughout the years?
In the past, the conservative stance in comedy and humor used censorship. There seems to be a shift toward more and more liberal comedians, who, on the other hand, tend to want fewer rules and more freedom to say whatever they want.
What makes things funny? We all experience humor in our daily lives and it influences our choices from what movies we watch to who we choose as friends or partners. Additionally, we all know that each of us is different, including our taste in movies, including the types of comedy and humor that we each perceive. Comedies are subjective, hence, it is not always easy to decide which ones are good and which ones are bad.
Comedy According to Aristotle. According to Aristotle, good humor has to do with how we act towards others, how we make fun of them, when and how far we push it, and what we accept and enjoy. Before we judge what is funny and what’s not, it’s probably a good idea to be aware of what type of personality we have when it comes to humor.
1. Excess-Vice/Buffoonery. This type of humor uses vulgarity and it’s usually in bad taste. This person seems to have a need to make jokes all the time or even hear them constantly. They accept jokes readily and accept everything with pleasure. Their jokes are also the types that cause pain. They don’t observe limits, they usually go too far with humor and they’re usually attention-seekers.
2. Mean-Virtue/Good Humor & Wit. This is the good humor type which uses jokes in good taste, using certain standards and boundaries. The right time and reason are used when telling or hearing a joke with a certain adaptability, depending on the time, place, reason, and situation.
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