Why Bali is an Amazing Location for Photo Shoots

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A great photo shoot has diverse elements: great lighting, great atmosphere portrayed in the photo, powerful colors (if it’s not done in black and white), uniqueness, and “a great location” as photographer Kevin Landwer-Johan tells us.
A great photo shoot needs a great location. Bali is an amazing contender for being the location that makes your photo shoot – great.
Why Bali?
Bali is a small island in the Indonesian archipelago, yet the most touristic one. What makes this island so fantastic and appealing is its beautifully combined mix of temples and stunning nature. A mix that exuberates exoticism and spirituality at the same time.
The island also offers volcanoes, jungles, and secluded or popular beaches and beach resorts. Not to mention – colorful gorgeous coral gardens. All these treasures make Bali an attraction for expats, tourists, and especially – photographers traveling to Bali to do photo shoots.
Let’s delve more into why Bali is an amazing location for photo shoots:
Bali has some of the best beaches on the planet – white sand beaches and black sand beaches. Both give photographers amazing backgrounds for their beach photo shoots.
As human beings, we love being photographed at the beach. We also love photographing at the beach. And, especially, we love seeing beach photo shoots. Why? We’re spontaneously attracted to beaches and the sea or ocean.
Beaches are great spots to do swimwear photo shoots, surf photo shoots, portrait photo shoots, and even family photo shoots.
Some of the best beaches on Bali are:
•Thomas Beach
Thomas Beach was a secluded beach back in the day. Right now, it still preserves a sense of seclusion with a lot of quiet. Even though the beach is no longer a secret. White sand and beautiful turquoise waters will make a stunning setting for your photo shoot.
Thomas Beach is quiet because it’s harder to reach than regular beaches. You have to go walking down a dirt road, on which you don’t see a clear end, and from there you have to walk down a path. Only at the end of the path will you stumble upon the gem that is Thomas Beach. You won’t be disappointed, though.
•Bingin Beach
Bingin Beach is another one of Bali’s gems. It’s a beach with personality.
A distinct white sand beach that is quiet and lined up with interesting and specific beach huts. Behind the beach huts, nature flourishes and gives a wild-like feeling. Bingin Beach will provide you with the perfect setting for a photo shoot near the water.
•Medewi Beach
Medewi Beach is a spectacular black sand beach and one of Bali’s most treasurable beaches. Its long strip of black sand, remote position, and green thriving nature alongside it make it a stunning setting for your photo shoots.
The beach with its black sand makes for a perfect setting for more alternative photo shoots. The black sand gives a feeling of naturalness and realness while offering that hint of difference. Perfect for shooting bohemian families and couples. Or, simply models in interesting or very simple collections.

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