The Choice “Implied Nude and Artistic Nude Modeling and the Glamor Industry”

by admin

When girls step into the World of Modeling, the wise ones take a hard look at their faces and figures, search their souls and examine their inclinations, explore the market where they reside and then decide what types of modeling they can realistically do. To make a thoughtful choice ensures a chance at finding success and remaining happy about that choice. And it is a difficult choice to be sure because the bottom line about Modeling and Photography is that “Sex Sells”. Lots of girls look at the pages of High Fashion magazines and dream about walking a New York or Paris runway. The reality is that VERY few ever step onto that catwalk. Agencies and designers are looking for incredibly precise physiques and countenances. The less restrictive route leading to Modeling Success is often through the avenue of Glamor photography. Not only is glamor a very broad spectrum of genres and sub-genres, it is far more accepting of different body styles, height/weight, skin color, age and modifications to the body. The problem is that almost no model on the planet shoots glamor without taking heat for their decision from someone in their life. Sometimes the shallow criticisms come from someone they don’t know at all who feels entitled to casting aspersions as caustically as they wish. Often times the acerbic commentary comes from people they thought “had their back”. I have seen models who shoot relatively tame swimwear imagery take savage attacks from “family and friends”, whose narrow world view comes out in all forms of vitriolic unpleasantness.
For many years, I have preached that there are three types of people in this world when it comes to Modeling. There are “people”, “models” and “people who model”. “People” are all those persons who cannot and will not understand what we do and no matter how much effort is undertaken to get them to come to an acceptance of modeling, they refuse to Come to The Mountain. “Models” are those girls whose souls burn for this Industry. Take it away from them and you take away their reason live. Models are girls who hear a special type of music in their souls when they step in front of the camera. “People who Model” are all those girls who try to ride the fence and keep feet in both worlds, almost always unsuccessfully. “Models” all have to make that choice of what types of modeling work for them and if they choose glamor in any of its forms, they will eventually run head long into the self-righteous bluster of “the people”, especially if they choose that most risqué form of modeling; implied nudes and glamor nude modeling.
Models who embrace any of the varied forms of that sexiest of glamor modeling, especially those who work tirelessly to craft only the most beautiful, tasteful and striking of images, are very in-touch with one of the Great Truths of Art.
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