Glamor Imagery “Why we are drawn to Women and Beauty”

by admin

Throughout history and over the inexorable march of time, women have been the muse, the inspiration and catalyst for art of all types.  Artists have drawn or painted images of beautiful women, have carved and sculpted likenesses of beautiful women and created photographs and prints of beautiful women. While there have been and will continue to be MANY different subjects of interest for artists of every conceivable genre, the beauty of women of all shapes, sizes and types has energized male and female artists to aspire to heights of expression and creativity like no other interest. Certainly there are moments of profundity in nature and instances of excitement in sports that capture the interest of photographers like me from time to time. Why is it that women remain the most passionate of our muses, especially in the photography industry? The answer lies in the unique blend of elements that a beautiful woman brings to the artistic moment that mixes all of the heady excitement and soul-stirring feelings of all other creative moments, with the uniquely human interaction that can be found nowhere else in our universe.
The simplest reason why women are so very compelling as artistic subjects is for the emotions they engender at the most basic of levels. The brain of a human being is hard-wired to react emotionally to the stimuli around us. While mankind’s greatest gift is our reason, due to the measure of control rational thought gives us over our emotions, it is the complexity of our emotional responses that allows us to consistently and continuously react to our environment and the ever-changing enticements therein. Women engage us on all kinds of levels and with a myriad of uniquely feminine attributes. From our earliest days, we react emotionally to the simplest things, like the eyes of our parents looking down at us while we lay in our cribs. Those eyes of our parents connote love in the purest form through the sparkle and light reflected on their surface. The eyes of stunning women are so heavily laced with color, shape, energy and feeling as to be more than “a window to the soul”. They are a portal to forever, for such is the count of time that can be lost when one becomes enmeshed in the eyes of a woman. Light is received and then given back in hues so much marvelous than before by a woman’s eyes and it seems as if the shape of that same woman’s eyes change with an almost liquid nature as emotions slide across them in the mercurial fashion that is so very distinctive to their gender. Travel down a woman’s face from her eyes to her lips, and color meets texture and curve to create a simplistic geometry that is equally as captivating. Whether adorned with artificial color or that of a color provoked by some emotion inside, the lips of a woman call to us, inducing reactions far different from those of her eyes.
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